So, my better half decided he’d like to take me out for dinner one evening, and who am I to complain? No cooking for me.

As the designated driver, nothing unusual there, off we toddle to the local.

On arrival it’s somewhat busy, but we find a table and peruse the menu.

As usual on most trips out for dinner, I opt for the fish option and my hubby chooses the steak. We are so predictable!  I order a coke (did I mention I’m the driver?) while hubby has his usual pint of Stella.

We chat over our drinks, sharing our day and giggling over things that others may find odd until the food arrives.  By this point, we were so hungry we could have eaten our own fingers, so we immediately dig into our meals.  The conversation now limited as we savour each mouthful.

I glance up to say something and notice the other half making some strange faces at me.  This doesn’t ring alarm bells immediately… after all, we can both be a little strange when it comes to humour.  He lifts his pint to take a swig I relax, assured that he is his normal self.  My relief soon becomes panic as he spits the entire mouthful across the table.


I know something is wrong!

I ask him “are you choking?”.  He frantically nods his head in silent desperation.  Standing up quickly, I make my way over to my now very scared looking husband.

I brutally push him forward in the chair and deliver a firm, hard back blow between the top of his shoulder blades.  He is still silent and unable to take a breath as I realise his airway is still blocked.  The only thing to do is to deliver a second, harder blow to his back.

With this, an extremely large piece of steak flies across the room with the speed of a bullet and hubby takes a sharp intake of breath.

The relief on his face spoke volumes.  Ever my reassuring self, I asked “why didn’t you chew it more?”.

His response? “I was hungry”…

Silly me, of course you were.  I did eventually get some thanks, once he’d finished his meal and I am happy to report that he is now a little more conscientious when chewing his food.

Would you have known what to do?

What would you have done next, if the back blows had not been successful?

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” Let us prepare you to be lucky”

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